smarTrike® Spirit 4 in 1 Baby Trike – Pink

smartTrike’s  3 in 1 tricycle designed for babies from 10 months that grows with the child . With the lightest touch Breeze™ maneuvers like a stroller. The unique navigator button on the mudguard lets one switch from parent Touch Steering™ to child ride-control. Built-in suspension gives baby a 100% comfort ride.

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smarTrike®’s multi-talented Spirit 4 in 1 baby trike is perfect for children 10 to 36 month old. Spirit moves maneuvers effortlessly around town thanks to our Touch Steering® technology.

Spirit adapts to your child’s development through 4 developmental stages, read below about each stage.

Equipped with a large front swivel wheel for precision turning, and a removable parent handle, you and your little one can easily navigate all around obstacles.

Spirit comes complete with a UV protective canopy and a large multi-purpose storage bag in matching colorful prints.

Stage 1 – Stroller Mode: At 10 months, your child can safely use the foot rests and sit up comfortably in the padded seat.

Stage 2 – Guided Trike: At 18 months after your child already sits upright on their own for a while, simply remove the safety bar and allow your child the feel of independence.

Stage 3 – Training Trike: At 24 months turn the Spirit into a training trike, allowing your child to learn how to pedal by themselves while under your guidance.

Stage 4 – Classic Trike: At 30 months, remove the parent handle, turning the Spirit into an independent trike which your child can pedal and steer on their own and gain confidence and develop motor skills and hand eye coordination.

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Dimensions 94 x 45 x 103 cm


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