Top tips for overcoming a major parenting challenge which many Australians face.

The ‘baby blues’ can affect parents in many ways, shapes and forms, but a startling trend is emerging when it comes to welcoming baby number two.

Whilst anticipating the arrival of a second child to the family is generally an event filled with joy, interestingly many Australian parents experience strong underlying feelings of guilt and uncertainty, and are plagued by unanswered questions. For example, will I love my second baby as much as my first? Will I have enough time to provide the best care and attention for both of my children? How can I prepare my first-born for their role as an older sibling? The list goes on.

For those experiencing these questions and emotions, it can feel like the greatest ‘taboo’ of parenthood, as mothers and fathers believe they should only be feeling excited and grateful for the blessing of another child.

However, it’s natural for parents to find this transition tough – and it’s something which should be considered normal. The adjustment can be challenging, but the most important thing for parents to remember throughout this experience is they are definitely not alone.

A recent survey commissioned by smarTrike found that 80% of parents experience some sort of guilt about their parenting experience. Dr Scott Dunlop, Paediatrician from Sydney Paediatrics, says parents should stop sweating the small stuff and try to embrace and enjoy all the normal ups and downs of parenthood.

Many parents will experience uncertainty and doubt about their second child, but can take comfort in knowing it is completely normal and that there are ways to work through and overcome this guilt.

  1. Don’t Stop Talking

Talk to anyone and everyone that has more than one child. It will be reassuring to hear that you are most definitely not alone. You are not the first, and will certainly not be the last mother to experience this guilt and anxiety.

  1. Cherish special time with both children

Just because bub number two has come along, it doesn’t mean your first-born has to lose any of the special moments they share with their parents. Make an effort to keep certain bonding rituals you always had with your first born to ensure they still feel special and have that important one on one time.

  1. Second set of hands

Your first born child is now your right-hand man. Giving them tasks to help you will make them feel important, and they will soon adapt to their role as an older sibling. They now have a younger sibling to share their childhood and make memories with.

  1. Double the love

You now have two beautiful children to care for, love and nurture. You will feel the love, hugs and snuggles of two children who adore and need you.

It’s important for parents to be mindful; the second birth journey will be different than  the first, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean it is any less special. Whilst the experience may not be the same, the love you share for both of them will be.

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