You could be forgiven for underestimating the amazing benefits offered by Trikes based solely on their bright colours and stylish designs.  Whilst they are indeed very fun, scratch beneath the surface, and there is so much more to a Trike than first meets the eye.

Here are just some of the benefits to children gained from using a Tricycle.

  • Development of fine motor skills and coordination

Children’s fine and gross motor skills develop rapidly between their second and third birthday’s.  Riding a tricycle is a fantastic way to improve both hand-eye and arm-leg coordination.  In addition, pedalling and steering help to develop a strong grip and strength in their legs which helps to prepare children for their future foray into riding their first bike.

  • A Comfortable Ride

The reclined position of the seat and handlebars are ideal for youngsters who haven’t yet mastered the proper balance to pedal whilst sitting up straight.  The comfortable ride of a well-designed trike, not to mention how fun they are, will keep them occupied and engaged for hours, both indoors and out.  The more comfortable and fun their riding experience, and the longer they play, the greater the benefits!

  • Offers much-desired independence

Developing independence is a huge part of growing up and children are continually pushing their personal boundaries as they grow.  A trike offers youngsters a means of exploring all the fun things the world around them has to offer, satisfying much craved independence for children whilst offering reassuring safety for parents.

Pick up a tricycle today, and watch as your baby grows into a smart and independent adventurer!